Hey guys! I’m back(well not really)! But I came back just to check up on this blog! I can’t believe I got 15,000+ views at one point! I MIGHT come back to this blog in the future, but I will not be doing Fantage post. I’m sorry, I quit Fantage so if I did come back, what would my blog be about? What would I blog about? (Comment some suggestions on what I should blog!) Thanks for reading this, and I miss you all! ❤

You like it?

Hey applez! 

So i said on the last post i would change the theme and header ect. here you go!

Notice that i’ve put the blog link on these pictures i’m about to show you, just in case of copying. 









I’ve been on HOLIDAY D:!!

Hey applez! I missed you ALL D:

I was on holiday in the weekends at Brighton and before that i had a lot of things to fix in my life so i’m sorry i haven’t posted.. as i’m an editor i’ll edit the background ect. try to update things more. 



Happy very very late birthday ari.. xD Sorry i missed it.

15,000!? A;LFPERGTOPG YOU GHHHUUU O-O You have a special suprise.. (as always xD)

I am going to CLOSE the 1 year membership give away just saying and it’s taking me a while to put the names on the randomize name thing.

I’ll be busy ehehh ^^”..

~ Fate